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3 Reasons to Choose a Local Home Care Agency

What you may not know is that local businesses account for slightly more than half the U.S. economy. However, almost none of Americans’ $30 trillion in long-term investments (stocks, bonds, mutual funds, pension funds, and insurance funds) goes towards supporting small businesses, especially homegrown businesses.  This is a huge market failure. Most often when you want to buy a product or service the first thought is not usually “do I go local or national”. Our purchase decisions are often influenced by many different factors or reasons; primarily it could be because we love the brand, it is cheap and affordable, or because of its closer to where we live. But how do you consider other factors such as the growth of the local economy, local job creation, and promotion, diversity in services? Probably not. Our purchase behavior and decisions may have significant impacts on the growth of the state’s local economy. Like others that compete for your hard earned income, the local home care industry also competes and usually struggles to survive if you do not invest locally.

Here are 3 reasons why you should choose a local home care agency.

  1. Local Small Business Empowerment – when you choose a local homegrown agency to look after you or a loved one, you do not just invest in the care of your loved one but you also support area small business. For example, let’s say you were looking for home care services in the city of St Paul for your relative. You did a quick google search for home care services near you, and the first 3-5 search results are often big-name home care agencies and are often not local. These businesses either run a franchise or maybe operating through proxies locally. Their investment is not local and your money does not stay within the local economy if you chose to hire them. If you choose a local agency like Prime Choice Home Care Solutions which is local, your money circulates within the local economy. It helps small businesses grow and creates other opportunities such as jobs for local job seekers.
  2. Local Job Creation and Promotion – Just think about it. The money you pay in hourly home care service payment or live-in care payments can help put food on of so many families dinner tables. It helps create opportunities for people to find meaningful and rewarding work that pays them livable wages. At Prime Choice Home Care Solutions, we pride ourselves as one of the highest paying home care businesses in the area. Our rates are significantly higher than our competitors. While we are small, we believe in ensuring that our employers well care for and supported just as we would do with the people we provide services for. Our employees are the face of our company. If they are happy, you are happy. If they are not, then you are not because they wouldn’t be able to provide the quality of services that you desire for you for a loved one. Therefore, you must support local businesses because we create local jobs and promote local job creation. When local businesses succeed it creates a ripple effect. All sectors of the local economy succeed.
  3. Diversity in Services and Supports – Everyone wants options in services and supports to choose from. If there was one company selling burgers and if there was only one type of burger on the menu, we all would soon grow sick of that one type of burger and stop eating burgers completely. Supporting local small business supports these local family-owned businesses to continue to operate locally and not close shops and give way for the big nationwide agencies to take over the local market. It kills competition and stifles your ability to have different choices to pick from.

We want you to support Minnesota homegrown small businesses in your various cities and towns. We are the hallmark of the local economy. We are Minnesota.

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