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We help individuals with disabilities integrate into their community.

This program offers services and support to assist a person to maintain their community living status, rather than having to move to a facility.

CLA services include assistance in the following areas:

  • Basic living and social skills
  • Household management
  • Health maintenance cueing to ensure a person follows treatments according to orders
  • Monitor overall well-being, such as check-ins, etc.
  • Problem solving

Services can be provided:

  • In the person’s home or place of employment
  • In community settings typically used by the general public
  • Over the phone when the person needs help problem solving

A provider consults face-to-face or by remote communication such as the telephone or Internet. Either the person or the staff member can initiate contact. Face-to-face contact by the provider must occur at least once every three months unless indicated more frequently in the support plan.

This service is designed to supplement existing supports and services, not supplant or duplicate existing supports and services or those available through other funding sources.


  • Essential Community Supports (ECS)

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